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Times are changing

March 19, 2018 2 min read

Times are changing

As you probably know by now, I decided to start up Lotta Agaton Interiors last fall. I moved into the my new office and I hired Pella Hedeby and Marie Ramse, both well renowned Interior Designers. It was a big step for me going from being ” just me and my assistants” to being a “real interior design studio”. Therefore I feel so humble and overwhelmingly happy that we already have so many projects coming up so we needed to hire one more person. Today we welcome Sara Mortensen to our team as an interior designer and project leader. Yay!

I don’t think I have ever felt such energy and inspiration at work, we are such a good team and have so many amazing projects and great clients, I am truly blessed to have such good and creative people around me and to have so much fun at work.

As a natural step into being an Interior Design Studio I have also decided to let go of my dear agent Anna Ploman and Link Deco, we have been working together for over 10 years and Anna Ploman is the best agent there is so I will miss her to pieces but times are changing and I have to change with them and since we are now able to do the project leading inhouse I don’t have the need for an agent anymore. So from now on Lotta Agaton Interiors are able to take on full productions and also work closer and directly with our clients. I will stil be doing photoshoots and styling projects as usual and we do larger scale interior projects both private and commercial, and everything is from today booked directly through us (see CONTACT above). Yay, again!